1350 I Street
Washington D.C.

Tenant: SkyTel

Transaction: 41,196 SF lease; 10 year term

Project: Expansion and relocation of SkyTel corporate headquarters.


SkyTel Corp. had a problem, albeit a good one. The company’s innovative telecom products were bringing rapid growth. But to keep pace, SkyTel had to continuously add staff and expand its computer network. The company soon realized it would outgrow its headquarters at 1850 M Street in Washington, D.C. Baxter Brown had previously assisted SkyTel with numerous real estate requirements and SkyTel asked him to assist it once again. 

Brown’s first step was to help SkyTel assess its needs. Brown worked with New York interior architects KPFC to produce a detailed space program that would guide the process. Brown also interviewed SkyTel executives to determine their preferences on a range of topics, from location parameters to financial budgets to more subjective areas such as image and quality. 

The results were clear: SkyTel would need to more than triple its current space. With the assistance of The Rome Group, Brown presented over thirty buildings to SkyTel for consideration. Finalists were selected for more detailed analysis, including proposed space plans, construction costs and in-depth assessments of real estate costs.

After several rounds of negotiations, SkyTel’s selected a winner: 1350 I Street, a new building in one of Washington’s most upscale office areas, Franklin Square. The building met all of SkyTel’s requirements, including Class A+ quality suited for a corporate headquarters, a superb location, large efficient floor plates, and favorable rental costs and lease terms. Within a period of months, SkyTel was able to move to its new home of over 41,000 square feet in one of Washington’s finest buildings.