Client Services

Brown begins each project the same way: listening to his clients in order to gain a clear understanding of their needs. Brown then makes a thorough search of all potential opportunities, and he presents the results on an “apples to apples” basis so clients may compare both the physical features and the bottom-line cost for each alternative. Once a client makes their selection, Brown negotiates the contractual terms on his client’s behalf.

Throughout the process, a simple principle guides Brown’s work. “I look at each project as if it was intended for me personally. I evaluate all the information that would be important to me — plus some.” For Brown, that typically includes not only detailed cost analysis, but also building specifications and efficiencies, proposed tenant floor plans, construction costs, and the myriad rights, options and restrictions of the transaction that have a significant impact long after the deal has been completed.

Says Brown, “My goal is that a client be able to readily understand their alternatives and feel comfortable they are making the most informed decision possible.”

In the end, client satisfaction is Brown’s benchmark for gauging the success of a project. “My goal is very simple: that my client ends up with the building and space which best suits their needs and that they obtain it on the most favorable possible terms.”

On occasion, companies find themselves holding surplus real estate. In such cases, Baxter Brown assists clients by developing and implementing a strategy for disposing of their excess property. Brown’s goal is to obtain the maximum value for his client’s holdings, be it through a sale, sublease, buy-out, or other means.

Baxter Brown assists investors in acquiring real estate investments. In doing so, Brown utilizes his years of experience of analyzing and completing transactions from both sides of the table – from the perspective of both the user (tenant/owner-occupant) and the landlord. Brown also assists lenders in evaluating and monetizing underperforming assets.